Dead darlings - Open call for submissions

On Saturday December 3rd a very special event will take place in Ghent.
Vzw Punctum will host the Belgian premiere of Dead Darlings, an anonymous and subversive art auction exploring the complex love triangle between artist, artwork, and collector.

It is with great pleasure that we hereby invite you to participate in this joyous and one?of?a?kind event. This is an OPEN CALL for artists of all sorts to submit work and become part of our love buzz.
We ask you to select a work that you consider to be a Dead Darling. You are free to interpret this as you like.

Through the consideration of the concept Dead Darling we hope to give the more established artists a chance to “break the mould”, and urge the younger artists to question what elements may comprise the identity of their work.
We are interested in including a cross section of artists, local and international, all willing to part with a piece they love. Photography, sculpture, painting, short films or videos, conceptual works, everything is welcome, as long as it is a Dead Darling and has never been officially shown or purchased before.

If you have a DD you want to put under the hammer, please send us a high resolution PDF or JPG with the following info to before November 6th.

- Your full name
- Title
- Medium
- Dimensions
- Year of making
- Starting price
- Description text

If you are new to Dead Darlings, please refer to the Rules & Guidelines below for details regarding submission requirements. We ask you to read these guidelines carefully and contact us if you have any further questions regarding the event.

Because of the limited amount of items on sale, there will inevitably be a selection process. We cannot promise that every submission will be in. If your Darling misses out this time, don’t worry, we have plans for more DD evenings in the near future.

We look forward to seeing your Dead Darlings
and wish you all the best!

Dead Darlings Rules & Guidelines:

• Only one submission per artist
• Send us a reproduction of your work (in hi-resolution jpg or pdf format)
• Note that the 6th of November is the FINAL deadline
• The selected artists will be notified before the 10th of November with further details about transport, payments and other issues
• Starting price of your work is your decision. Choose any price you feel comfortable with, however we advise low starting prices (under 50 €). The proceeds of this auction go to a very worthy charity: you. Every artist will get 70% of the selling price, since there will be no added tariffs for the buyers, the rest will go towards the production costs of the Auctions Catalogue
• Along with the description of your work we require a piece of text containing the reason(s) you consider this work a “Dead Darling”. This is important for the making of the Auctions Catalogue
• Every contributing artist will - of course - receive a free copy of the Auctions Catalogue
• The +/- 30 selected works will be anonymously displayed along with an alphabetical list of the participating artists during two viewing days (Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd of December)
• Please note that a selection process will take place. Submitted works will be judged by both artistic quality and relevance to the concept of being a Dead Darling. Because this will be the first Belgian Dead Darlings auction the emphasis will be on professional artists living and/or working in Belgium. Nevertheless ‘international‘ artists are encouraged to participate as well.