Oproep aan fotografen: festival Circulation(s)

Van 19 februari tot 20 maart 2011 organiseert Fetart een tentoonstelling in Parijs met jonge Europese fotografen voor de eerste editie van het festival 'Circulation(s)'.

Deadline 3 december 2010

Het festival zal deze jonge kunstenaars de kans geven om hun visie op de Europese samenleving te geven. Met dit festival wordt de totstandkoming van een Europees netwerk van jonge fotografen en een betere internationale erkenning van deze kunstenaars gestimuleerd.

Lees hier de call for applications van het festival 'Circulation(s)'.

[source: BAM]


"Two files can be sent on both themes:

One theme is left opened: it embraces all topics of contemporary Europe.
It consists of showing your personal point of view on European society.

The other theme is imposed with two subjects according to your choice:
- the peri-urban forests
- the tree as a fundamental element of the city

About thirty photographers will be chosen by the jury on the basis of the quality and the originality of their work, the relationship between their photographs and their personal vision.

Collective projects are accepted.

The Call for Projects is open to all photographers from continental Europe. There is
no age limit.
FEE: admission fees for the presentation of the pack: 5 €. The payment is made
online on the PayPal account.

Candidates should send Fetart by post, a pack containing the following:
- A completed and signed application form (see link on this page)
- A printed portfolio comprising of no more than 15 pages measuring a maximum of 21 x
29.7cm. Colour and B&W photographs will be accepted in the same portfolio. Please
clearly write the artist’s name and the series’ name on the back of each photo.
Digital portfolios will NOT be accepted.
Photos taken by digital cameras must be printed on paper.
- A printed biography of the artist including previous exhibitions and publications.
- A short text on the series being presented in French or English only .
- A CD containing :
- A digital version of the biography of the artist and the text presenting the series
in .rtf or .doc format. English or French only.
- Four (4) high-resolution images Jpeg-RGB – 300 dpi – A4 format
- Your complete series in Jpeg format 72 dpi (for the website). Maximum 800 pixels
on the shortest side.
- A photo of your choosing measuring 430x360 pixels in 72 dpi (15.17 x 12.7cm)"

Fetart – Marion Hislen
51 rue des Rigoles – 75020 Paris / France