Oproep Beeldhouwkunst: 7de Symposium voor integratie in een natuurlijke omgeving

“Sites en Lignes” is a sculpture symposium taking place every two years in the Ligne wood’s site in Silly. Its highlight is a competition whose disciplines are trunk sculpture and installation in natural environments. In a relaxed atmosphere, not only do artists enjoy a resonant natural heritage, but they also benefit from a large audience. We introduce this year the sixth edition of the congregation, due from 22nd of August to 28th of August 2011.

After a selection of the applications, about thirty artists of all nationalities, disciplines and experiences will be invited for a one-week-residence on site so as to carry out and complete their project. The selected people will comprise 10 trunk sculptors and 20 installations.
All disciplines are welcomed, provided that the project is relevant on site and provided that artists respect the region’s natural heritage and aim at integrating their work with the site. Projects are carried out in situ; in no way artists can import their work from their studios.

This event stands out against usual institutional contexts; its location in the middle of the woods attracts a more diversified audience, willing to break free of the contemporary art circuit. The audience will witness works in process during the whole week and will award two prizes during the final presentation. A third prize will be awarded to one of the installations by a panel of professionals.

One of the highlights of the week takes place in a foyer under a big top where gigs and other events are programmed. There, an ever increasing audience throughout the years - 5000 visitors in 2005- will have the opportunity to meet up with artists in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

This fifth edition will bear both the hallmarks of renewal and continuity. A new team has indeed just taken over. This new team comprises former participants of Sites en Ligne, whether artists or organizers. Our team is willing to develop the project while keeping its original spirit. We wish most of all to guarantee an ever increasing quality of the exhibitions by carrying out a rigorous selection and by providing artists with optimum work conditions and infrastructure. We want to continue broadening the broadcasting of the project and welcoming the audience in an ever improved way. All this while keeping the convivial spirit of the event so that Sites en Ligne may be and remain what we wish it to be more than ever - a place to socialize and meet up.

This symposium is open to everyone and will award three prices of 1250 eur each.

send candidature before the 31st of May 2011
to Sites En Ligne VZW
Fabrieksstraat 34 - 1000 Brussel

For all information,
please contact info@sitesenligne.be
or visit http://www.sitesenligne.be