6 to 8th of May 2015: Join the Task Force Cross-Border Culture in Gmünd/?eské

The Task Force Cross-Border Culture (T4CBC) is a European cultural network of border regions and is part of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR). The cultural and creative actors from European border regions, their projects and networks are at the heart of the T4CBC’s work.
Its aim is to strengthen the capacity of cultural actors to cooperate on a transnational and European level. Partners of  the T4CBC: European networks like the cultural routes of the council of Europe, Les Rencontres, the cultural commission of the AER, SMartEu and Audio Europa, as well as Euregios and European Capitals of Culture.

The third T4CBC session will take place from 6 to 8 May 2015 in Gmünd / ?eské Velenice at the Austrian Czech border. Topics:
- The annual recurring cultural festival at the border: "Transitions Prechody"
- Strengthening the local cultural scene by inputs from the outside: broadening horizons;
- Project: re-launch the European textile manufacturing through collaboration/ innovation with the creative industries and strengthen organic products and production greening;
- Audience development for semi-professional cultural activists.
- Independent scene and media, for example, cross-border Internet TV;
- Foster networking of cultural workers in the lower Austria- Czech Republic border area by Euregios
- Project funding, including alternative project funding;
- Support for young artists;
- Barriers  to mobility for artists, like the foreigners tax;
- The catalytic role of art in border regions ...

You can already now look which items might be of interest to you, the artists of your region and contact them.
As for the cultural sector the travel costs are often problematic, you'll find here the address of an organization that can help with financing the travel grant.

Travel Grant: European Cultural Foundation: STEP Beyond  

Location: EU and bordering countries

Scope of support: Travel support, between 250 Euro and 700 Euro

Who can apply: Artists younger than 35 years from the EU and bordering countries

Application at any time:
www: http://www.culturalfoundation.eu/step-beyond

More information, send request to:
Rudolf Godesar
Chair of the AEBR Task Force Cross-Border Culture: www.aebr.eu
B - Gospertstraße 42, 4700 Eupen
Tel: +32 (0) 87/789 630;
mail: rudolfgodesar@euregio-mr.eu