Oproep: Vision'R VJ Contest - Frankrijk

In order to enlarge audience and visibility of VJing throughout various media and cultural landscapes, Vision'r has entered a partnership with Arte TV channel in an exchange of active visual content.

The VJing is an alive shape of the film process. Quite as the performances, it is about an in situ short-lived art which makes works of streams: art and non-art being made, objects of art in the lively state. Vision'R 2007 was placed under the sign of the transverse collaborations and the collective processes of creation.
Teasers, animated shorts and a video tutorial on how to navigate through http://www.arte.tv are available for download on the right side of this page.
Ask for the password by emailing us at : vision-r[at]reseaux-creation.org

Using these and your own content, provide a 10 minutes demo either on music you created (or friend/s) or on Creative Commons or copyleft material.

3 of you will be invited to perform a 45 minutes live set at Vision'R on Saturday evening, April 19th, 2008 (journey and 2 nights accomodation provided by the festival).

Moreover, in partnership with Codanova and Arte, 1 VMX Studio MIDI controler will be granted to the performer among the 3 who shows the most interesting / artistic usage of the provided content, in a VJing approach, to give them a new hybrid life during the live mix.

Deadline : demos entering the contest must be received before midnight on Monday, March 24th, 2008.

Please send your video files using http://dl.free.fr to : vision-r[at]reseaux-creation.org
You can also send us a http or ftp link to download your demo.
1 demo per VJ only.

download (FR):

Arte TV: http://www.arte.tv

Vision-R: http://vision-r.fr

mail: vision-r[at]reseaux-creation.org