Open Call FLACC: Workplace for visual artists

The open call only invites projects, which respond to this and the following themes, namely the artist as entrepreneur, the relation between artist, labourer and entrepreneur and the relation between arts and science.



In 2013 FLACC is launching a research programme lasting several years. It will take changing artistic ‘labour’ as its starting point and study the artistic calling by means of a historical analysis. That analysis will be taken as the basis for the central question: is the artists’ workplace in its present form still the most appropriate instrument to support artistic production.  

Please use our application form and excel sheet (fill in required budget) to apply. The application should include a well-defined project proposal, a thoroughly calculated budget, a preferable time frame and your résumé (text and images and/or video).

The work period is maximum three months fulltime or approximately 90 days spread over the period January 2014 to December 2014. As well as technical, organizational and artistic support, FLACC offers the artists a workplace, accommodation, travel expenses and a small production budget.

More information
Deadline for applications is 1st of March. For more info please visit or contact Luuk Nouwen or Sarah Indeherberge at