Nelle Hens


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Een bericht versturen
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Woensdag 21 maart 2018


How can we get rid of an outer form and of what should be? How can you meet people in this atmosphere and create another kind of collaboration or engagement? How do I embody that value and translate it into dance?

From a personal search for silence, these were the questions that led me in 2016 to an artistic research of ‘Ont-moeten, practicing meeting’. Ont-moet is a Dutch word game in which lays a fundamental shift: Ontmoeten means ‘to meet’. When you split the word in two, it becomes ‘not having to’. The outcome of this non-result based research was the development of tools for acceptance and strategies for psychological, emotional and physical self-reflection. From a purely artistic individual development to a broader collective socio-cultural engagement. A personal practice of ‘meeting’ and an artistic 1 on 1 meeting-ritual in which I ‘give’ a dance.

Arising questions and challenges are: ‘what does it mean to work / function ‘together’? How to cultivate external structures that meet our current need for support in order to allow ourselves to rest fully into that support, embody our true creative potential and be available for others?


    Dear Reader, Welcome ! With this blog/website I wish to share my findings, questions and fascinations on my artistic research and personal practices of ‘meeting and connecting in authenticity’. For some years I have been deepening my self practice, and in continuation of that process I am now putting focus on the practice of sharing, by allowing and supporting other people’s journeys. Feel welcome to reflect with me, respond, exchange, meet and / or … request a dance!
  • Nelle Hens - CV
    Nelle Hens dances, creates and teaches. She graduated from Artesis, Antwerp (2006) and SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2011) and performed in creations of Jan Martens, Tom Struyf, Jan Fabre, Trisha Brown, ao. Nelle has a background in Body Mind Centering, is experience based in Self-Healing and is fascinated by the importance of self-care. In September 2016 she received a research grant from the Flemish Government for her artistic project ‘Ont-Moeten, practicing meeting’. Since 2015, she initiates weekly meditation sessions and silent gatherings in Brussels and is currently deepening her studies in Vijanana yoga and teaching.
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