Cécile Guillaume

Bruxelles, België

Cécile Guillaume

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Maandag 27 november 2017


Moderne danser - performance artist - choreograaf - comedienne - fotograaf


  • Guillaume Cécile
    As a dancer, Cécile Guillaume has chosen interdisciplinarity to better fulfill her passions, to overstep boundaries and let her fancies grow. She would then start combining her other practices, such as photography and video – often undefined, drifting, and sometimes militant – with her creations like "Captation of movement"an installation project and a workshop. Also she did create a video for the Move Out Loud website, "Kaleidoscopio da Rua", in collaboration with the video Brazilian artist Bernardo Fernandes. Cécile is also a performer in several projects for the David Azema company in "Murmures" (2008) in Montpellier, as well as for the Brazilian performer Amaranta GK in the "Banho" solo in Lisbon (2009), and at the Post-School of Physical Theater-Dance Berlin for Elias Cohen in "Life Guarantee", for the Jordi Soler Company, the 77 Stolen Fish collective, and in the installation project "Disconnect", designed by young architects in Berlin in 2011. Other creations : one-to-one theater-dance creation "Child Believe" and a solo "Amjad" is a composition on the committed and surviving body, based on a poem by Henri Michaux, performed during the Mica-Moca project in Berlin. In Photography, she responded to a call on the subject of feminism with an argentic photography and sound exposition " Etat des Lieux " in 2012 in the Gallery Linette of Montpellier. In 2014, she was a dancer for Salia Sanou in " Souvenirs de la rue Princesse" for the International Festival of Dance at Montpellier. Since January, 2015, she gave choreographic workshops of contemporary dance to the School Synopsis in Perpignan & created two choreographies " Fight " & " Allison's Tears " for the Young Contemporary Ballet Synopsis. In 2016, she was a performer on the Work In progress "Blueprint" of Arco Renz and she begin new project on video-dance like "Feux aux Vents", "Body Weather". In 2017, she moved to Brussels & teach physical theater, perform on "The Common People" of Jan Martens.
  • Kaleidoscope.CcilG
    Is a window on an artistic pallet going of the dance, the theater & physical theater, the photography to the video of the dancer-performer-photographer Cécile Guillaume. Walk your eyes there !
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