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Maandag 25 januari 2010


Pierrick Destrebecq Aka. PRk is a young Belgian drummer/sound engineer and designer/beat maker and music producer.

After completing his Jazz Drumming Studies at The Jazz studio in Antwerpen, PRk finished The Sound Engineering at the SAE Brussels. While playing with several bands, he soon starts to record bands for demos and producing MCs with his own beats.

While coaching artists, managing events and write as a columnist for new releases and gigs. PRk recorded and/or live mixed bands such as Gangstarr, The Diplomat, Romano Nervoso, Janez Detd, Alain Chamfort, Mudflow, Green Lizard, The Apers, Cursive, Narziss und Goldmund Piano Trio, etc. And as a drummer has been recording & performing live with Zaius, The Diplomat, Legoparty, Noisy Faces, Driving Dead Girl, SuperamazoO, Alpha 2.1, Daphné D, Bikinians, Gwelmime, Romano Nervoso as well as stage synchronization for events produced by Dragone.

For 3 years, PRk played as a drummer with JOSHUA, a well-known Street Pop band from Belgium, but decided to quit in September 2009.

He’s now looking forward to move to the USA to improve his skills as a musician and beat maker/producer. This maniacal rocker is hard focus on producing a wide range of music and finalizes each and every one of them in the studio as well as looking for a band to share the experience.

- Drumming: Studio and live performance
- Music Producing
- Sound Design
- Studio and Mobile Recording
- Logic Studio, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Wavelab (Mac & PC)
- Audiovisual mixing (Feature, Commercial, Documentary, etc.)
- Event Management