Kidnap Your Designer

Gewijzigd op : 9-4-14

K.Y.D. is Caroline Dath + Damien Safie + Vincent Moisan + guests Kidnap Your Designer is the name of a Belgian graphic design agency created in 2006 by Caroline Dath, a graduate of Saint-Luc Liège and ERG (Graphic Research School). Damien Safie, a classmate from ERG, joined her in 2008 as partner. In 2012, the team grows, Vincent Moisan, graduated from ERG and Lisaa (Fr), joined the squad. This studio, based in Brussels, produces creative works using typography and printing techniques for clients from the music, theatre, cinema, design or architecture fields. Kidnap Your Designer also creates experimental video projects and own-produced projects ('It's Better Here' or 'Note' exhibitions, type postcards, poster or T-shirts…). For each project the studio develops its graphic design around an idea, a concept closely related to the subject involved. Graphic design should not exist without ideas. When sense makes graphic-design then design-graphic makes sense. Caroline and Damien both teach at ERG (École de Recherche Graphique) Brussels, in the Graphic Design section.