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IFA Laboratory [creative solutions] is seeking to develop their team of different kind of artists (visual art, performing art, music, design and more) with experience in the company/ corporate environment:

"With a company experience we mean having managed or co-managed workshops in companies on access to creativity, providing different skills to the company for purpose of innovation. The work can also involved work through an artistic discipline with different objectives such as company values or any other kind of concrete topic.

Our work consists of skill and perspective transfer from the creative sectors to the business world and industry. We are convinced that the artist has a lot to give in this context, but he/she needs to have an awareness of what he/she can do in such a context, also ideally experience.

We do missions at micro and macro levels; both through team-buildings, trainings, workshops and other types of innovation processes. On macro levels we conceive research and pilot projects.

Please note that a knowledge in English or French is also compulsory."

Seems interesting?
Please send CV and notably motivations and explications on what kind of interest, awareness and experience you have in this cross sector field.


Envoyez un mail à au plus tard le 5 avril 2020.

Please send a mail to at latest 5 April 2020.

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2020-03-12 19:29:30
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