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Bruxelles, Belgique

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Mardi 25 août 2009


CHOKAPIC began playing in Brussels in 2004 when she played at Girly Monday’s after being chosen at a Girly Dj Contest.

She discovered electronic music in 1999 through a track by Plastikman which she heard on Nova Radio.

As a clubberess, she had been inspired by Richie Hawtin & Laurent Garnier who were playing at this time to the Rex Club.

This was later added to by the playing by yvan Smagghe, Electric Indigo at Pulp where she went going out every week-end and also at Nouveau Casino, the first “minimal dancin’” music concept in Paris.

She uses two dj names, CHOKA for deep house music in general and CHOKAPIC for electro, techno and acid music. She has many different kinds of electronic music in her fligh-case: Electro-Techno and especially Acid-house & acid-techno, Intelligent techno etc …

She plays different types of music and particulary likes the atmosphear from the dancefloor.
The reciprocal relationship between the crowd and the dj.

She's also the promotor of FRIENDS ON DECKS parties since 2005 in and around Brussels, a particulary electronic event who keeps the real sense of music.

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