Johan De Leenheer

Miksebaan 15, Belgique

De Leenheer

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Mercredi 16 avril 2014


Hi, My name is Johan De Leenheer and I am born and raised in Belgium.

I am an experienced 3D modeller and user of a wide range of graphical animation software tools. Programs like autodesk 3ds max, Adobe photoshop, pixologic Zbrush, Adobe After effects and Adobe premiere are no strangers to me. If you are someone in need of getting certain results involving CGI and are looking for someone with the right devotion to deliver those results, then maybe you came to the right address. Feel free to Take a tour through my gallery to view some of my work.

I am currently offering my skills as a CGI artist on a freelance basis, so if you think I can do something for you then don't hesitate to drop me a mail or contact me directly on my cell phone.

Things belonging to the possibilities are:
Production of 3D animation for:

- Motion graphic design
- Product visualizations
- Commercials ore music video clips

Or co-op. on any project invalving 3D visuals
- Technical direction
- Virtual Set design
- Concept design
- Matte painting
- 3D modeling
- 3D texturing/painting
- Multi-pass rendering
- Compositing- Video Editing/Outputting

I also offer 2D services for print advertisement, this includes:
- Illustrations
- Creative photo retouching
- Combining 3D renderings with photographic material
- Technical direction

Site(s) Web

  • crea-zone
    Portfolio website
  • iterateCGI
    3D stock items (3Dkitbash sets), Motion Graphics design elements and 3D design iterate tutorials.