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David Garcet Feat Emilia Rey

Modifiée le : 2017-08-16 15:48:25

“The Days”, my friend, by David Garcet Jerry Bouthier / Kitsuné : “Can’t decide between the original, a great wall of sound of goth-disco, and Go Satta’s haunting yet gorgeous Phantom Power Mix, always love a bit of funky guitar too, that guy’s as good as Nile Rodgers!” We are going to finish the year with a killer release. „The Days“ is a dreamy indie disco drone trip from 1994, sorry, 2014, with Róisín Murphy, no, Emilia Rey dropping some fantastic vocal snippets into a crescendo of wonderful sounds that really take you up, up, and higher up, very close to the sun. In general, we are proud to present an amazing package of excellent adaptions of the original. Solid District’s deep soulful handclap grooves, Paris76’s Chromatics vs Pink Floyd stylishly cool psychedelic disco, Ummagma’s etheric Sonic Youth-esque anthem, Haioka’s minimalistically groovy noise ride (must hear, what a fantastic trip!), Go Satta’s funky disco-no-disco version with warm Rhodes sounds, and finally A Copy For Collapse’s dense strobo-lit wall of noise breakbeat monster make this EP one of the best we have released so far. Six masterpieces in one package. Maximum respect to all artists. This is how deepness, talent, love for detail and passion sound. Thanks to everybody involved, this is a milestone of what from all over the world are able to create together. And we at Emerald & Doreen are more than proud to provide the stage for it. This EP will be pre-released exclusively on Juno on December 5 !